#732 Basic Cap & Four-Needle Mittens
Designed for worsted & bulky weight yarns.
Level: beginner

This popular and practical pattern for a traditional cap is written for both worsted weights on #8 needles, and bulky weights of yarn on #10 needles. The directions for the four-needle mittens in worsted weight are easy to follow, even for beginners. And all knitters enjoy P.S. Pointers, which are printed along side the pattern instructions.

Adventurous knitters can play with color and add stripes or a band of pattern just above the ribbed cuff. Any fiber and any spin of yarn can be used providing you have achieved the required gauges. Textured tweeds, boucles, raw wools, cotton blends, even mohair work and each changes the look and feel of the finished caps and mitts.

Hat Sizes Small & Medium.
Mitten Sizes Small, Medium & Large.

Available for children: Pattern #C732.