#777C MacAuslan Cardigan
Designed for sport weight yarn.
Level: seasoned intermediate

This was collaboration between Alan MacGary and me! The MacAuslan Mill was one of the oldest working mills in Scotland, producing lovely Shetland yarns. The MacGarys, who represented the mill, made regular visits to the States to sell their Shetland knitting yarns. We met in 1962 soon after I had opened my yarn shop.

Fair Isle designs are a British Isles tradition and have been popular in the United Kingdom for decades. Alan gave me an old copy of this yoke pattern, which was on file at the mill. I wrote the directions for this cardigan integrating this beautiful old yoke design. Knit on #4 needles, MacAuslan is perfect for Shetland. Today’s many wonderful alpaca sport weight yarns would be delightful alternatives for this Fair Isle cardigan. Many of the antique yoke patterns are known to be of Spanish origin.

Sizes 32 through 40.