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Dear Penny,
I saw an ad in Interweave Knits for your designs and came right home to send this email (well... I checked your site first!). I bought your Child's Johnny hooded sweater pattern to knit for my first son 25 years ago. Being a beginning knitter, I chose a chevron stitch rather than the cables. He LOVED that sweater and wore it to ravels until he finally out grew it. I've made that sweater for many kids, with and without the hood, including adapting it to a turtle neck with no placket (see attachment). I've come a long way in my knitting, and that simple, easy to follow pattern had a big impact on my confidence as a beginning knitter. Thank you so very much for your beautiful patterns which are so clear and easy to follow. I really appreciate kniting that what I see is what I will get when I use your patterns. It makes knitting a relaxing experience. I wish I'd found you and your shop when I lived back there!!
Have a wonderful autumn.

Heather Arps

Straker Classics patterns: how can I praise them highly enough? I found them early, and continue to wear garments I made from them decades ago. I learned so much good knitting technique from the notes. The designs perfectly accommodate handspun yarns, because they're written for any well-constructed yarn of a given weight. They are distinctive and quietly, persistently in style: intended to have long lives. They are knitting to look forward to, and to enjoy wearing frequently for many years. They're worth your time.

Deborah Robson
The Independent Stitch

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